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Game Shows Before the Invention of Television

"Who Wants to Live in a Shack with No Indoor Plumbing?" and its scandalous spin-off, "Who Wants to Marry a Guy Who Lives in a Shack with No Indoor Plumbing?"

Beer Factor

Bowling for Goats

Brand New Stuff Road Show

Catch a Squirrel or Starve

Kids Do the Darndest Things... but Better Speaketh Not!

Name Anything Outside of Your Immediate Town


Spot the Commie

Survivor: Roanoke Colony

The 64 Pelt Question

The Dung Show

What's in Tonto's Pants?

You Bet Your Daughter

Who Run Faster? Ugk or Saber-tooth tig- um, never mind.

Who Wants to Marry a Homo Erectus By Beating Her Over the Head With a Blunt Object and Dragging Her Back to Your Cave By Her Hair?

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