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Free Greeting Cards!

"I just called.. to say.. I love you.."

I don't think people will flock to my site *just* for the greeting cards. I know there are much better sites online. I just thought that if someone happens to be on my site and checks out the cards, maybe they will find one to send.

One more thing before I start to list the cards.. Is anyone else upset that Blue Mountain Cards has you subscribe now to use their services? I really wish they hadn't done that.. I used their site for years and always thought they had the best selection. Ah well.. such is life ;)

Color Test
Cyber Hug
Cyber Tag
Do You Love Me
Fun Test
Good Luck
Hello 2
Hug Yourself
Keep Idiot Busy
Mating Call
I Miss You
Moron Test
Please Wait
Season's Greetings
Send Love
Smile Virus
So Sorry
Stupidity Test
Birthday Flasher
Cornucopia Flasher
Fireman Flasher
Venus Fly Trap
Some Prick
Mooner Eclipse
Single Dating
I Feel Springy
Can't Touch This
Wet T-Shirt

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