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Irc & Waving

"You came and you gave without taking..."

Irc (Internet Relay Chat).. it's where I spend most of my time everyday.. talking to people & collecting wavs. It's also where I met my fiance, Mike! In this section I will tell you how to get there, what you'll need *once* you get there, and how to collect wavs.. along with other misc. info :)

Get The Programs

First, you'll need to download Mirc & install it. You can either install it to it's default folder, or choose somewhere else. (I have mine on my D drive.)

Next.. get a program to play & grab wavs online. Some people like WavGet while others, like myself, prefer TxPlay. (NOTE: WavGet will NOT work with any Mirc newer than Mirc 5.9!)

Set Up And/Or Basic Usage Help

Mirc ......................... TxPlay ........................ WavGet

What Now?

Ok.. you have Mirc & a wav program.. What now? I spend time in three different places online... One on Dalnet (#IrcWavPlayers), the other two on Undernet (#Wavaddiction & #Caring-Hearts). You can find links to these channels' websites on My Favorite Links page. In the meantime, I'll give you a brief run-down on both places. :)

Dalnet's #IrcWavPlayers:
This channel allows wavs AND Mp3's. You can get detailed setup help for mirc & most wav players here, too. Be sure to ask for the channel rules.

Undernet's #Wavaddiction:
Only wavs are allowed. You can get generalized help with mirc and wavs. The rules are pretty lax regarding wav titles & content.

Undernet's #Caring-Hearts:
This is a new channel on Undernet & it isn't a music channel.. but it's a nice place to hang out :)

Me & IRC

Find me & my wavs:
You can usually find me on at least one of those three channels. (I use the name Skittles` of course!) As of today (3/5/02), I have 18,747 wavs!!! Download my list then come find me & start grabbing my wavs. :)

Name That Tune Answers:
Anyone who knows me from IRC knows that I have some Name That Tune play messages. Some people even try to guess the answers to them :) AnYwAy.. I decided to list the answers here!

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