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Mirc & Waving

Configure Mirc For Waving

(Please note that these instructions are for mirc version 5.9 and may not be accurate for other versions. Most of what I'm going to tell you, though can be found in the same general vicinities of other versions.)

Click the Options icon on the mirc toolbar. (If there is a + sign next to "Sounds", click it to open the submenu.) Then under Sounds, click "requests". Uncheck the 4th & 5th boxes. You can also uncheck the 3rd one if you want.

In the same window, look for "Sound Folders". That should be set at Wave(*.wav). Under that is a bar. It should say where you keep your wav files in mirc. If not, click the bar and browse to where you *do* keep them.

Now.. Back to the menu on the left side of the window, click DCC.
Under "On Send Request" click "Show Get Dialog" and "Minimize".
Under "If Auto-get & File Exists" check "ask".
Under "On Chat Request" check "Show Chat Dialog".

Back to the left side menu. If there is an + next to DCC, click it to open the submenu. Now click "Options" under DCC. On the right find "On DCC Completion". Under that click the following next to "close window".. "send" & "get".

Close that whole window now by clicking OK at the bottom. Back to the mirc toolbar.. Click the icon for DCC Send. It should be the 12th icon from the left, and has a little "s" on it with an arrow coming out of a folder.

In that window click the boxes "minimize" "fast send" & "fill spaces". Set your packet size at 8192. Send yourself any file to save these settings.

Using @Find

You can easily locate wavs by artist or song name by using @find! In channel just type @find *artist* or @find *song*name*. (Example: If you wanted to find songs by the Eagles, you would type @find *eagles*.) In WavGet a window will pop up with the results. In TxPlay, just look in your grab window!

Some wav players like WavGet only return 5 search results at a time. If you haven't found what you're looking for, then try an extended @find. Do this by searching in increments of 5. (Example: @find *eagles* 6 .. @find *eagles* 11 .. @find *eagles* 16 .. and so on.)

Can't Hear Your Wavs?

If you can't hear your wavs, you might need a file called "Codec". Click here to get it. Unzip it & install it to its default location, then reboot your computer.

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