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TxPlay Setup & Usage

Put the TxPlay .mrc file in Mirc. To load it type /load -rs txplay60.mrc (if that is the version of TxPlay you got.) You should see a message in channel saying it was loaded.

There are a TON of options with TxPlay.. and you can find all them them by looking in your channel menu. (I printed out the whole TxPlay help section when I first started using it.) I'll just cover the basics here...

To use random play: Type /rock 60. This will play a random wav every 60 seconds. You can change the 60 to any other number of course.

To stop the random timer: Type /tot

To stop current wav from playing: Type /noise

To delete the current wav playing: Type /ick

To locate a certain wav: Type /wavs *part of the wav name*. Example - If you wanted to find the Garth Brooks wav "Thunder Rolls", you could type "/wavs garth thunder". This would bring up a new window and you can either play it to yourself, to one individual, or to the channel.

To play a random wav of any artist: Type /wwww *artist name*. Example - To play a random wav by Madonna, you would type "/wwww madonna". A random Madonna wav would play to channel.

To make and offer a list of your wavs: Type /mywavs

To offer the last list you made: Type /wlist

To edit your play messages: Type /open1. This will open your play message notepad. You can add as many as you like.

To edit your grab messages: Type /open2.

To grab wavs: Type /txgrab. This will open a window showing all wavs played in the channel. Double click the ones you want.

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