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About Me!

"You may say I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one.."

How does one define oneself??? I tend to think this whole website is "About Me"...just by browsing the other sections you should be able to get a good idea of who I am and what I like. HoWeVeR!!! I know pages like this one are pretty much standard on any personal guess I'll make one, too!

The Past

I was born October 12, 1956 in Orlando, Florida, the youngest of three children. After an abusive childhood, I married my husband on March 23, 1974 at the age of 17. In 1978, I moved to Michigan with my husband and three year old son.

I filed for divorce June 1998, after 24 years in a rocky marriage. As of this writing, it is not final.

The Present

42 years old and on my own for the first time in my life, is scary, yet exciting; every day holds new challenges as well as new promises and opportunities.

I have three wonderful children!!! The oldest, my 24 year old son, is happily married, for over a year now, to a terrific lady. The middle child, my 19 year old son, is going to college and working a full-time job. The youngest, my 17 year old daughter, is a high school senior, and is the only one still living at home with me. I love all three of them more than life itself...they are miracles of joy.

Because of past traumas, I've developed panic attacks and agoraphobia, which is the fear of public places, so I don't go very many places. It's terribly frustrating...but I do the best I can.

Please visit my Phobia page to learn more about this.

UPDATE!!! (February 2002)

A lot has happened since I made the upper portion of this page two+ years ago. My divorce is final & I've moved into an apartment.

My kids are now all adults and if they weren't my kids, I'd still want them to be my friends. They are all terrific people! The oldest son has just bought a new house & is still happilly married. My middle child (son) is temporarily unemployed, but has a great new girlfriend. My *baby* daughter is expecting a baby in April.. making me a GRANDMOTHER!

I still have my phobias and sometimes I think they're getting better.. Other times, I think I'll never be *normal*. It continues to be an ongoing struggle.

I also found out I have diabetes. I take a couple different medications and am *supposed* to eat healthier than I have in the past.. but I am so easily tempted. I do try, though, for the most part.. and my sugar levels stay pretty consistant. I might add a page somewhere later about diabetes or my struggles with/against it.

The best news is that I have found a man to love and who loves me :) I met him online in a chat room.

YES.. a chat room.

General Info About Me!

Music has always been my best friend. It speaks to my soul like nothing else can. Sometimes just the haunting opening notes of a song can transport me another time: Whiter Shade Of Pale, One Of These Nights, Piano Man. Others can bring tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat: Open Arms, We've Got Tonight, Against All Odds. Still others can lift me, and get me singing at the top of my lungs: American Pie, Paradise By The Dashboard Light, Cheeseburger In Paradise.

Lyrics. They become my battle cry, my expressions of joy, love & sadness. Sometimes a whole song. More often than not, just a phrase that expresses a part of me in a way that I never could.

What I Like

There are many things I like, that bring joy to my life. In no particular order, they are:
Any and all time spent with Mike, my first cup of coffee for the day, Fridays, legos, the smell of a new box of crayons, animals, a good book, oil painting, jigsaw puzzles, clever conversation, trivia games, gardening (on my balcony), Nascar, popcorn, working on my webpage, playing piano, going for long drives, thunderstorms, crocheting, playing cards or games, collecting wavs, camping, cooking for a crowd, crossword puzzles, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, video games, puppy breath, drive-thru car washes, popsicles, getting a package from UPS, new tablets of paper and smooth-writing pens, watching my daughter when she has the *giggles*, CNN Breaking News, and

What I Don't Like

Drunk drivers, drug abuse and abusers, abusive parents/spouses, irresponsible pet owners, pierced tongues, mail with windows on the envelopes (except at tax time), Burger King french fries, the "N" word, liars and/or hypocrites, heights, Jeff Gordon winning a Nascar race, deep water, the tv show Full House (sorry Beth), washing silverware, "one size fits all", snakes and bugs, TV wrestling, having hair that has never looked good with any style...and, of course, my phobias.

Random Favorites

Color: Red
Drink: Water with LOTS of ice & Decaf Coffee
Radio Station: LAV
TV Shows: COPS, Crossing Over, Everybody Loves Raymond
Video Game: Final Fantasy III
Celebrity: Bette Midler!!!
Magazine: Reader's Digest
Nascar Drivers: Johnny Benson & Rusty Wallace
Season: Fall
Movie: To Kill A Mockingbird or Bridges Of Madison County
Sandwich: Meatloaf with heavy mayo
Authors: Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, Stephen King
Flower: Gardenia or Lilac
Music: Classic Rock and New Country
Muppet: Kermit!
Pizza Toppings: Pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives & bacon
Picnic Spot: Fallasburg Park
Campground: Yankee Springs State Park
Take Out: Cousin's Tasty Chicken (But I order the fish..heh)

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