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The Libra Personality

The Sun enters Libra approximately September 24, around the autumnal equinox (when day and night are of equal length) and departs around October 23. The equality that is present in the ratio of light and dark symbolizes the parity that Librans seek throughout their lives. Justice, fair play, and evenhandedness are important goals.

Libra, the sign of the scales, belongs to people seeking balance. Harmony and equality are important goals. With a penchant for comparisons and contrasts, Librans are sometimes accused of being fence-sitters. Actually, they are trying to weigh all the data before coming to a decision. With a natural talent for seeing both sides of a question, Libra people make good devil's advocates and can delay decision-making because they so clearly understand all points of view and are torn between them.

Libra is one of the signs associated with beauty, and an element of grace is often present. It can manifest as physical attractiveness, and some Librans are very beautiful (or handsome). Others demonstrate a physical grace in the way they move their bodies. Some Librans reveal a charming, engaging manner that easily draws in other people. Many Librans have a strong feeling for beauty -- surrounding themselves with it, collecting it, expressing it, and living it in their lives.

Relationships are vital to Librans. They learn so much about themselves through interacting with other people. Some Librans focus on romantic associations. Marriage is a very natural state for them. Other Librans gravitate toward competitive associations. Librans are common among lawyers and certain graceful and competitive sports. Their one-on-one focus can be satisfied in a variety of different ways.

Libra people are often soothing for the rest of us. They open our eyes to the beauty of the world and help us to understand that courtesy is a valuable component of civilized life. They reveal opposite sides when we are stuck in one viewpoint and they ply their passion for fairness so sweetly and so appealingly that we often go along willy-nilly. They have a great deal of personal charm, charisma, and attractiveness -- on emotional as well as physical levels. They help us to understand that people -- and relationships -- are the most vital part of life.

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