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The Letter

If you read the page called "If You Were A Wizard", then you know about my counselor, Ken. What I didn't mention on that page was that there came a point when he got too emotionally involved in my case & during one session, he crossed the boundaries of the doctor/patient relationship.

Once again, I won't go into details.. but I did decide to discontinue counseling with him and I wrote him a letter explaining why. Below is the letter I got from him in response.. dated January 25, 1991.

"I have never been known for my way with written words, so I'm sure this letter will pale in comparison to your letters, but here goes.

I've read your last letter several times and am not sure I understand why you made the decision you did to discontinue. My concern was/is that you have a regular way to confront the ongoing issues of your recovery in some kind of constructive way.

Our defenses are such that we find all kinds of way of denying, repressing, or acting out our unresolved issues unless we can work them out and identify them. Given the relative unhealthiness of your home environment at times, my fear was that you would continue to do the above even though you have made great progress and were healthier than before.

I know you are only going to recover at whatever pace you are able. So whenever you are able or ready, you'll return.

You certainly made work challenging for a while - and that's good. I learn too.

And when I've crossed boundaries, I pay, too".

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